1-23-17// Monday

Photo on 1-24-17 at 12.57 PM.jpgDaniel: I don’t know why people hate Mondays. I love Mondays they are dope!! Today I complemented somebodies hat and they were like hahaha thanks bro hahahahahahah. I love having conversations with new people you get to expand your little circle and become a vocal beast. ❤

Nathan: I love the start of the week. It is a new opportunity to start again. I love this feeling and I want to always feels this way. Lately I have felt a short temper but this challenge has let it cool off and I have a long fuse now. I have started playing this game with this kid at lunch. He is a pretty cool guy and he is pretty good at Clash Royal. Complimenting people is awesome because some people don’t know how to act when they get complimented in this harsh world.


The Weekend //1.20.17-1.23.17//

Photo on 1-23-17 at 12.25 PM.jpgNathan: This weekend was great being positive made me do better! The past week has been tough for wrestling and it was hard to stay positive but I was positive this weekend and I took third place in my tournament. I am proud of that. Also I talked to some kids from South Kitsap High School his name was Deyondrae he was a cool guy and a tough wrestler. I went to the barber shop on Sunday and had a delightful conversation with the barber. She is a nice lady. This challenge is great and it has changed the way I take losses and it improves my mental health.

Daniel: This weekend had me on the edge with my siblings I wanted to rage but  I thought of the soft breeze blowing threw the grass. I talked to my friends mom for the first time and  it was quite awkward but she was a very nice lady and interesting in so many ways. I also talked to a guy at Albertsons about my little sister. This challenge is different

Day 7 //1.19.17//

Photo on 1-19-17 at 12.43 PM.jpgNathan; This is a good challenge. It is sometimes very hard to stay positive especially when I’m sick with a sinus infection. It is hard to breathe and wrestling does not help at all. However, I am looking forward to everyday like a basket. I have been a lot more social talking to kids, like this kid Mekan in my Spanish class. He is a joy and I had never spoke to him before. Also these compliments have started to make other people be nice as well. Being friendly is apparently contagious.

Daniel: This challenge is easy. Ive fought my inner demons to stay positive, even when my sister comes in my room opens the door and leaves the light I get up without Raging and shut my door and turn my light off. So this challenge has helped me grow.

The weekend// 1-14/ 1-15/1-16//

Photo on 1-17-17 at 12.55 PM.jpgDaniel:  This weekend was a three day weekend so it wonderful!! All I did was sit around and watch Football and Netflix so it was a dope way to spend it. It was particularly hard when I had to give my siblings complements but other than that it was pretty easy, and I stayed 100% positive even I was told to do horrible chores.

Nathan: I have met new people from different schools around Washington. I met someone named Evan Jansen, he goes to Curtis and is a wrestling beast. What a great weekend. I was constantly filled with negative vibes but I fought them off as my friends came over and we had some fun. We watched a terrible movie but overall, this challenge has changed me because it is teaching me how to compliment people the right way. I am excited to keep on doing this.


Day one// 1-12-17//

Photo on 1-13-17 at 12.52 PM.jpgDaniel: Today was wonderful. I started the day of with telling somebody that they had a lovely tie, and progressed through the day telling people Ive never talked to compliments and it made my day seeing they face lighten up and smile. I stayed true and had a 5 min conversation. I had conversation with somebody Ive never talked to, we sat down and talk about the dare devils apart of jackass giving themselves paper cuts. It was a cringe conversation but it got me to know the person more than I did before. I feel as if I had brightened up a few different souls, and thats all that matters and staying positive.

Nathan: I love this challenge. I have stayed completely positive and I feel great! Positivity is something that improves mental health and performance in everything. Today I went into my wrestling match 100% positive even though I am positive I have severe bronchitis. I went in and beat the kid even though I could barely breathe. The kid I met today and talked to was Brock Allen. I have seen him but I have never talked to him. He is a delightful person. Although he has had some trouble with school he is determined to make it to college and I respect that. The complements I gave today felt great to me and the receiver. I am excited to see how I turn out after this challenge because it is a mind game that will improve me.